The Importance of Security and Two-Factor-Authentication(TFA)

Security is no small matter, whether you’re in a small start up or a global business organization. Even if you’re not in either your personal life should be kept safe. failure to do so could lead to your social networks and credentials being exposed, and you falling victim to Identity Fraud.

It’s understandable that most start ups/people tend to think things will be okay by bypassing the proper security measures required to keep the company/themselves safe. Especially when they’re not dealing with other peoples finances. The reality is that most of us truly realise the importance of internet security only after its too late, whether that’s an, annoying yet harmless bit of malware or something more serious  eg-stolen identity.

Although rare, depending on the severity of the attack it can lead to some companies failing to recover again. The damage done can cost ten times the amount it would have to install security protocols. This means all those hours of hard work gone within an instant.

However this can be easily avoided with a simple, free yet efficient solution. Yes Two Factor Authentication (TFA).

What is TFA?

Two Factor Authentication is a process where once you log in using your generic password there is a second step where you have to input a code in order to allow you access into the account. Hence the term two factor authentication. The code that is generated, is a completely random string of numbers that change every minute. Therefore the only way someone could access your account is if they know your password and have access to your phone.

The best thing about TFA is that most major companies like Google, Facebook, GitHub and many  more provide you with the option to enable this. There are also many applications that you can download to your phone that can organise all your accounts secured with TFA.

In conclusion, internet security is a very important factor which is greatly over looked a lot. If you picture your account/business as a this huge castle fortress with many entrances and exits. If you were then living inside it with all your personal belonging and secrets. You will of course implement security protocols to protect yourself. That could be building a huge wall, putting locks and guard at every entrance, security cameras etc etc.

Just as you would protect yourself in reality, it is also crucial to protect yourself in cyberspace, a professional hacker can do a lot with just a few details of your personal life. They can decrypt your password, and once they know one of them they pretty much have them for all your accounts, since the majority of the population use different variations of the same password.

Always be cautious on the internet, and I urge everyone to set up two factor authentication.



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