The Creation of my personal site using GitHub

Hi there, during my first introduction week at Exeter, as part of my SITs software development training we were required to create and host a personal website using GitHub.

The process was extremely fun. most of the things I learnt were completely new to me therefore I personally  found it not only a little challenging but extremely interesting too.

the process was swift and simple, which makes it great.

First what we did is create an account with, takes less than 5 min to process and verify it.

Once that was done I created a new repository by pressing the plus icon on the top right corner which pulls down a drop down

this brought me to a form page where I can name the new repository and choose to make it either public or private new-r-form

After I submitted the form it ended up creating my new repository with my desired name.(in this case is was my username: AjmalChoudhury) There is a URL for the new repository which I copied in order to clone the repository into a local file on my PC

I opened a command line (on Windows I’m using Git Bash which I donwloaded from GitHub itself – you can download it here)

and by using ‘cd’ (Change Directory) and ‘mkdir’ (Make Directory) to locate and or create the folder in which I will then clone your repository from GitHub.

in the command line I typed ‘git clone “newrepositoryurl” this brought my repository from GitHub to a local folder on my PC this folder by default was named ‘’git-clone

I then searched for a Template from html5up after finding the one I liked i then downloaded the file and unloaded it into my GitHub local folder.

the template consisted of many files the main three being .html, .css and .js file. by using gedit I entered the files in order to customize and create my website.

Another important factor was to use the command lines:

“git add .”

“git commit -m ‘your message'”

“git push”

these commands record save and push changes into your website and makes sure to upload them instantly to your site.

This is the site I created:


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